Monday, February 26, 2007

hodge podge of good things

S. had the day off from school today. We watched a movie (the Adventures of Baron Munchausen), went for a long walk in the sun (with a stop for bagel sandwiches) and then he beat me at Mind's I. It was a good day.

I just came back from dinner with friends.
We were celebrating my birthday. Which was in August. We've had a bit of a hard time coordinating schedules. We had lovely vegan thai food and then went next door to Dairy Queen for Peanut Buster Parfaits. Perfect.

Best of all, I have secured myself a chemo vacation. We are heading south next week (!) and I have managed to delay the start of the next treatment cycle. This means that, after tomorrow, I don't have chemo again until March 27th. I am elated.

S. has asked me to knit him a Dr. Who scarf. D. has asked me to knit him "a green sweater." I am trying to convince him that some other colours would be nice, too. He remains unmoved.

Yesterday's skate on the Rideau Canal, "the world's largest skating rink," was a lot of fun. The boys really impressed me with their improved skills. Skating behind the stroller gives me a lot of stability and makes me look like a competent skater. It makes me laugh, though. Nothing says "Canadian mom" more than bundling up and pushing a giant stroller on a frozen canal.

I didn't post the shot of me skating away from the camera. Let's just say that some angles are less flattering than others. And maybe I need to ease up a little on the chocolate.


Anonymous said...

O...m...g...It looks wonderful, all that snow! I am so jealous. I so wish where we live got snow like that...when I lived in Winnipeg, it sure did, and I loved it. Anyway, it looks like so much fun with your kiddos. And getting out like that was probably so good for you! Kinda get's out the mental cob webs!
You are in my prayers,
Comrade L

Night Hawk said...

Hi Laurie,

I have the Rideau Canal in my google alerts for research purposes but in addition to news about the canal I get many blogs where the canal is mentioned. I've never added a comment before but yours spoke to me.

Being a former Ottawan who has to listen to all the Torontians whine about winter, I enjoy very much reading about everyone's happiness when the canal rink finally being open. I miss those clear cold sunny Ottawa days and your joy in taking your kids for a skate seemed to sum up what it's like when you embrace winter.

I think positive thoughts for you.

The Night Hawk handle by the way is a refence to the painting by Edward Hopper.


Anonymous said...

You look foxy as hell! I'm jealous...I can't ice skate at all, my ankles seem to be made of cooked spaghetti.