Wednesday, November 03, 2010

this is kind of nice as included Not Just About Cancer in their list of "15 Inspiring Breast Cancer Blogs."

Get inspired by this breast cancer survivor, who turned her unfortunate situation into a book about defying the odds and beating cancer.

Pretty cool, no? It's nice to know that someone's reading and finding resonance in my words. As for the "beating cancer" part - I know it lurks there somewhere and that we who have gone to Stage 4 are never, ever out of the woods but I do like to think I'm beating it.


The Maven said...

You are currently kicking cancer's ass. Just sayin'. I am not at all surprised to find you making lists of greats. (((hugs)))

Dee said...


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Charmine said...

Yay, congratulations! That absolutly rocks. I hope I can get that kind of readership someday, then I will know that my blog is touching other people's lives.