Wednesday, November 24, 2010

and then my hair got did (final makeover post, i promise)

Of the four women being made over, two of us picked our clothes and shoes in the morning and then had our hair done after lunch. I was grateful to be in the afternoon group and have someone else do the work for a couple of hours.

Actually, I did have to do a bit of work. It took concentration to separate those little papers.

You can't really see all of them, but there are THREE little bowls of colout being applied to my head.

This is my favourite part.

And this is why my hair will never again look the way it did when Tony was finished with it. How does anyone do the back of their own head like that?

Thanks so much to Tony from L'El├ęgance Salon (they don't have a web site or I'd provide a link), the St. Laurent Centre and the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation for making all of this possible.

(All photos by S. Sioufi except the last which was provided by T. Vincent)


Dee said...

Love the hair, Laurie! And, I betcha Tony will fix your hair like that again if you go in to see him. So, even though you might not be able to duplicate it, he could! It looks fabulous!!

Anonymous said...

Moi aussi. I love the hair and the simple, black, dress...which...with jeans underneath and combat boots and a babushka would take you through Ottawa's coldest days..oops, I forgot the ski mask.

You look terrific and up-beat throughout, all of which goes to show how important the outside is to each of us, inside. Luckily, you've got them both.

The B in T

laurie said...

I didn't get the black dress but I did love it. I think I'll get more wear out of the outfit I chose. I hope so.
And thanks to you both. xo

Lene Andersen said...

Seriously awesome haircut!

You look like a movie star in the last photo.

Lauren said...

I finally got the chance to read through your makeover story. I loved it! You look great. I enjoyed your comments describing the hair color process. That foil is a lot of work. I also found the styling comment to be so true. I can never figure out how stylist make my hair look so good. If you ever feel like sharing more about the makeover I won't complain.

Lauren (