Tuesday, August 12, 2008

completely random

1. When it comes to John Edwards and his affair, I am just about completely indifferent. Elizabeth, however, remains my hero.

2. I realize that I never did blog about meeting her at BlogHer last year. I'll have to do that.

3. I looked up the live-blog of my session at this year's BlogHer and found this. It feels a bit to me like she wasn't at the same session as I was. I remember lots of laughter and a mostly hopeful message. Am I being over-sensitive? Also, I thought live-blogging was meant to be straight-up recording not editorial comment. Feel free to set me straight on this.

4. I have been running with my ten year old son and my big dog. We are now at the place in our program when we run 8 minutes and walk 1 minute (twice) and then run for two minutes (for a total of 18 minutes of running). When I was diagnosed with mets, I threw out my running shoes, so sure was I that I would never do this again. I am so proud of myself and so happy to be running with my son.

5. Yesterday, in my son's absence, I decided to initiate the puppy to running. I had the big dog tied around my waist and held the leash for the little one in my hands. I looked like the crazy dog lady. I know that we have to be careful not to push puppies too hard but I am a VERY slow runner and I kept checking to see if she was flagging. After the run, I took her to the dog park and she tore around some more. I don't think that I pushed her too hard.

6. Today, a big dog walked up to me in the dog park and peed all over my legs and my nice red sandals. The owner was barely apologetic. I would have been mortified.

7. My spouse and I are giving his cousin some wine as a wedding present. We have been using this as an excuse to do our own wine tasting. We currently have three open bottles, going to vinegar.

8. When I won the DS at BlogHer, I thought I would just give it to my kids. Who knew there were such fun games for adults? The game came with a crossword game (I am hooked on the anagrams) and I got two more brain enhancing games for my birthday. It turns out that I am not very smart. And I am having to ration my game time.

9. I wanted Katee to win So You Think You Can Dance. Joshua was my second choice, though, so I'm OK with that. I started watching by accident when they were at the Top Ten. I was quickly hooked. I hadn't actually watched any TV in months.

10. My book just came from my editor. It's time for my last crack at revisions. She was happy with it, thank goodness. I have been glad for the break from it and feel ready to get back at it.

11. What I really feel like doing is walking the dogs, knitting, eating and reading. Oh and hanging out with my family, too.

12. Thanks for all the birthday wishes. It really was wonderful. I slept in, ate lots of goodies and spent time with some people I really love. Great day.


Lovebabz said...

Nice to know you are back and feeling good. Loved the random thoughts. And don't sweat our live blogging. It was tear-jerk overload. I mean between the 4 of us on the panel, it was a lot to hear...LOL!

I am glad you had a happy birthday.

sassymonkey said...

You know one of the thoughts that hit me when I moved here was that I'd get to go to your book party. ;-)

Heather B. said...

I'm sorry if you took offense to what was written. But here it is from my point of view:

1) I prefaced my post with the fact that I was doing the live-blogging as a favor.

2) I also said that I was caught off guard by the session because I had no clue as to what the session was about. I literally was asked 15 minutes before the session started.

3) Babz is correct, it was a complete overload for me and since I was writing about it on my blog I'm allowed to editorialize at will.

Like I said, I'm sorry you took offense and I didn't mean any harm by it. I actually really enjoyed and found it informative and I have looked at the internet in the same light - as a healing force.

ElisaC said...

Hi Laurie. Although HeatherB showed up to explain her own perspective, I thought I would just share the BlogHer live-blogging "policy."

Yes, official volunteer live-bloggers are told to scribe, not editorialize, as part of their brief training pre-conference. And this approach is what we ask for whether they're live-blogging on their own blogs or on BlogHer. (Both of which are fine destinations for an official live-blog post.)

However, HeatherB didn't get that training, being pulled in at the last minute when someone else didn't show up, so we were glad to have someone with fast fingers to record what was going on.

nonlineargirl said...

I would have been horrified if my dog peed on someone. Then again, I would also be horrified if my dog habitually pooped in my neighbor's yard, but our neighbor dog sophie does this to us all the time and her owners never do anything to make sure it doesn't keep happening. Grrr.

(what does it say about me that of all these topics I comment on dog pee?)

laurie said...

Babz and S'Monkey - you made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Elisa - Thanks for the clarification. You really did clear up some confusion for me.

Heather- First of all, I want to say that I have enjoyed reading your BlogHer posts and your comments at the Elizabeth Edwards keynote last year.
I wasn't offended by your post (and I didn't say that I was) just surprised - as I said, it felt to me that the session you reported on and the one I attended were quite different.
And I was confused about the role of a live-blogger, which is why I said that anyone should feel free to straighten me out.
I guess I just didn't find the session to be "depressing as hell" Being a mom with cancer is all kinds of things, good and bad, sad and hopeful and funny and at times just plain weird. I had hoped that our session reflected that.

nonlineargirl- Thank gawd someone commented on the dog pee. It certainly was a memorable part of my day.

Mom2Amara said...

Wow. As I went thru each of your random thoughts, I had a reaction. But after reading the comments, I'm now at a loss, forgetting most of them.

1) Glad you're back. Happy belated birthday!

2) While I appreciate what Elisa and Heather wrote, "surprised" would not be the word I'd use. You are far too nice.

3) You go girl with your running!

Welcome back!

laurie said...

Thanks mom2amara! "Surprised" really was the word I wanted to use - and yes, disappointed. I have no control, though over how someone else experiences my panel. I just really wanted to convey a message of hope. My blog for me really has been a healing place!
I appreciate Heather taking the time to clarify, though and respect that she saw things differently than I did.