Monday, August 25, 2008

when boring is good

This is an excerpt from a post I wrote for MyBreastCancerNetwork.Com. I wrote it last Tuesday morning, before chemo:

When I am done, I will crawl off the bed a lot more slowly than I climbed onto it and my friend will take me home. For the next few days, I will feel like I have the flu. As my physical symptoms improve, my mood will worsen. By Friday, I will have to keep reminding myself that my rage and my sorrow are temporary.

And then Saturday will come and I will feel (more or less) like myself again.

If all goes well, things will continue like this over the next few months. Chemotherapy every four weeks. Clean scans every few months. And my echocardiograms will show that my heart still beats strongly and with regularity.

I am left with little to tell about my life as a cancer patient that is earth shatteringly new. But, as my spouse is quick to point out to me, when you have metastatic cancer of any kind, boring is very good indeed.

You can read the rest of this post here.


Lovebabz said...

Hello Dahling!

Yes boring is exciting...LOL!

nonlineargirl said...

Boring is good, I think.

Jacqueline said...

just checkin' in. as i do often.

finally someone agrees with me. boring is OK! GOOD even!


Dee said...

Yes, I agree. Boring is good. As for the "well of interesting stories" - I say, you probably have a lot of interesting stories. They just aren't about cancer. And, I think that stories of living life that are "not just about cancer" are just as useful to other cancer patients as the ones that are. So, I say, if your editors are willing on MyBreastCancerNetwork, post about the other interesting stories of living your life to the fullest. That's what I like to read, anyway!

Anonymous said...

Toronto loves to hear you are bored!!!


Mom2Amara said...

Let's toast to boring!