Thursday, August 14, 2008

more random

I am feeling a little scattered today so here are so more random thoughts:

1. I have been in such a good mood since my manuscript came back from my editor. I think I am just basically relieved that she didn't say, "This is a piece of sh*t and I have no idea why we said we would publish it." Sometimes it pays to set your expectations really low.

2. I am finding time management or the organization of my day to be a real challenge. No matter what thing I do well on any given day, there are several that I should have done and didn't.

3. I am very sad that Jeremy Hinzman is being deported.

4. I took a deep breath and gave some thought to an email before I wrote it today. In doing so, I realized that the other person had raised some valid points. I think cancer has made me grow up a little.

5. I am very psyched for the Ottawa Folk Festival. It had better not rain (as it has almost every day this summer). We had such a good time last year.


Lovebabz said...

Hey Sister,

Didn't Mama say there be days like this...


Dee said...

I struggle with #2. I want to do as much as I did before I got mets. I am still in active treatment, too (just lost my tissue expander on Monday due to radiation and now I have a "Vac", a vacuum wound pump to heal up the cavity where the expander existed for 9 months or so). I want to forget that I am a "cancer patient" and live a normal life.

But, as several friends and family members keep telling me, I have been able to do a lot, even through all this stuff. It's not as much as it was previously. But I need to save me from myself and just take it easy and put my expectations for myself fairly low. My body's been through and will continue to go through a lot. I owe it to myself and the rest can wait, especially since I plan to be around for many years to come. I'll get to it when I get to it.

Although, those are very big words and all. Easier said than done. I'm an overachiever by nature. That's probably what contributed to my problem to begin with.

Blondie said...

I have had my head shoved up my own butt for so long that I didn't realize you had a book in progress. I can't wait to read it, sweetie. Yeah!!!! GO YOU!!!