Thursday, December 14, 2006

take two

I spent a fair bit of time this evening writing out a joke that made me laugh today. Then, without saving, I went over to Creative Commons to see if I could find an illustration. Not only did I not find anything, Firefox crashed and I lost my post.

So no jokes for you (it was amusing but I just can't face the retype).

From now on I save. Or should I be checking out Blogger for Word?

Today was a bittersweet day. More sweet than bitter but I'm still a bit sad this evening.


Jeremy Jacobs said...

Very intresting site.

You maybe interested in one of my Blogs.

This one

Anonymous said...

Hello Laurie~ I discovered your site a few days ago. I am also dealing with that ugly diagnosis, but differently too. I wrote you an email, but am not sure it reached you. I have been having rounds of chemo...R-Chop...Rituxan, Cytoxan, Adrimycin, and vincristine. I am also bald, but it took four strong rounds to accomplish it. I do not have the mood swings you seem to have, well, only when I have been on the 100 mg. of Prednisone that I was having to take along with treatment for five days following. I said all that to say...I am [don't know if you believe in it...] praying for you by name.
I hope things go well for you.
My Best to you,
Comrade L