Tuesday, December 12, 2006

good things (part 1)

Just before heading out to the hospital last Tuesday (I thought I was going in for chemo but ended up being admitted), I checked my email. The day before, I had groused about not winning a NaBloPoMo prize (it turns out I was not alone. There were some great prizes up for grabs).

That day, I found an e-gift certificate from Amazon.com and a note from Flippy (go read her blog. Her girlfriend's a Canadian. How could she not be cool?) saying, "I shall assuage my bitterness at not winning a NaBloPoMo prize by awarding one."

Isn't that unbelievably generous? The woman deserves a hundred years of good karma. I hope she knows how much this act touched me (and not just because I'm going to get a couple of great books).

Flippy and I had never communicated before this message. Her kindness made my week.

I think, when the moment is right, I will try and replicate her generosity with someone in the blogosphere who could use a lift.

1 comment:

Flippy said...

I don't think I even realized you were Canadian. With a small population, you have a big internet presence.

I'm sorry you ended up getting stuck in the hospital, but glad you could be cheery right before you left nonetheless.