Monday, December 18, 2006

the darkest humour

November 24. My spouse and I had just been told the news of my metastasis, which had been followed with a truly unhelpful session with the hospital social worker (more on that another time).

As we were leaving the social worker's office, she handed us a parking pass, the first time either of us had seen such a thing.

We looked at the pass.

We looked at each other.

Me: "What do you know! With every death sentence..."

My spouse: "You get to park for free."


Anonymous said...

Laurie~ Keeping you in my thoughts and my prayers.
Best wishes,
Comrade L

amanda said...

Eric and I used to tell jokes that would make other people stop and stare at us. I guess that there are some things that aren't appropriate to joke about unless you've lived through that situation.

It still sucks though.

Thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

That's funny, but funnier still will be your parking in a spot, free, for years and years while the parking mavens curse and growl.

I love your devilish side.