Friday, December 15, 2006

i melted

I went to the holiday concert at my son's school today.

His class was up first. Twenty-five eight year olds (all but four of them boys. Interesting that more parents of girls don't opt for the gifted program), all dressed in white shirts (except for one rebel in a grey sweatshirt) singing 'Give Peace a Chance.'

As he first got on the stage, I could see that S. was scanning the crowd for me. I was sitting on the floor, having arrived a bit late. I got up on my knees and waved like a crazy woman. When he waved back, I blew him a kiss. Then, right there, on the stage, in front of his peers, he blew me a big kiss right back. It almost undid me.

The performance was wonderful, and over very quickly.

An hour, several Christmas and Chanukah songs and a few poems later, we were done. After thanking his teacher, I went to collect him. We had planned to go to the movies but, instead, he asked to go home.

We cuddled up in the big chair in the basement, ate popcorn and watched two episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I made him promise that he would never be too old to hug and kiss his Mama (except maybe in front of his friends).


Flippy said...

Come to think of it, in my elementary school gifted program, it was almost all boys too. Weird. Too cute the blowing of kisses from an eight year old boy. Little boys can be so sweet. I'm so sad that "my" little boys (my nephews) are now 16, 17, 18, and 19. I miss slobbery hugs & kisses. Now, they're busy with girlfriends, parties, music, and driving. Ack!

I love you for passing on the love of BtVS to your children. There is no greater parent than one who passes on the love of awesome tv.

Anonymous said...

Laurie~ I was there for my boys too...two of them, one now passed away. I loved raising my boys...what a gift! Time together is the greatest gift we can give to them, I think...individual, undisturbed quality time. Good for you.
Comrade L

Anonymous said...

you (and t.) deserve heaps of credit for raising such a sensitive, amazing little's a testimony to the love you show in your family.