Friday, December 22, 2006

i'm a freakin' pin cushion

I had nine needles stuck into me for various reasons this week. I also learned how to inject myself in the belly with Neupogen, which I will now be doing for five days after each chemo treatment (that's 10 days out of every three week cycle). During my first go-round with chemo I was on Neulasta, which worked just fine but my new regimen has me going for chemo two weeks in a row and Neupogen spreads the doses out a bit more.

It's weird jabbing yourself with a needle but I can see how people get used to it. And I will do just about anything to bolster those infection fighting/keeping me away from hospital food white blood cells.

The last few days have been tough slogging (more on this weeks when I have a bit more time and energy) but I am home and my temperature has been normal for more than twelve hours so I am hopeful that all will be well through Christmas.

We lit the last Chanukah candle tonight.

I think my oldest son may not sleep until Christmas.

And my children were both especially lovely tonight (and funny. This makes me especially happy now that I also see this as blog fodder.)

It was nice to be reminded what joy feels like.


Kim said...

I want to wish you a wonderful and hopefully healthy holiday season. In this season of miracles, I pray that you have a few miracles just for you.

sassymonkey said...

Happy Holidays Laurie.

kalen said...

happy holidays :) thinkin of ya!

Anonymous said...

Laurie~ I am so very sorry about the pin cushion thingy...I have experienced this as well with my chemo. Still keeping you in my prayers.
Comrade L