Tuesday, September 08, 2009

back to the book

And yes, that's 'book.' Singular. As in, Not Done Yet: Living Through Breast Cancer. I haven't talked about it in a while (I burned myself out and I'm sure that you all were pretty bored with all the self-promotion) but fall brings fresh starts, renewed energy and a willingness to get back to work (or something like that).

Are you like me, in that you still find the return to school feels like the beginning of a new year (whether or not you have kids) and brings with it the impulse to make resolutions (or re-commit to those made in January that have long since been abandoned)? And to buy school related things? And read more?

How about buying a book?

I have been informed that Chapters/Indigo now has a bunch of copies in stock, so that you don't have to wait weeks when you order online. This also means that, if your local Chapters/Indigo does not carry the book, you can ask them to get it in for you. And if the books they have ordered sell well, they'll order in more.

However, I continue to have a deep and abiding love for independent bookstores. This feeling has only deepened since become an author with a small Canadian publishing company. The indies have been the most supportive and by far the easiest to deal with. Octopus Books, here in Ottawa, hosted my book launch. Collected Works also carries the book. Please support your local independent book store.

If you know of a local, independent book store that is carrying my book let me know. I'll contact them and see if they want their logo (with a link) added to the sidebar of my blog.

And of course, you can still by the book through Women's Press.

Finally, I have about a dozen copies of the book that I will happily sell. I charge the price of the book plus the exact amount of postage that it costs me. You can order via my nifty pay pal button or by sending me an email (notdoneyet at kingston-wayne dot ca).


The Maven said...

I had fully planned on reading your undoubtedly awesome book over the summer... and then life blew up. But with the boys back in school I may very well find time to hit up Chapters (and only because I have a gift card from there) to pick up the book. I was waiting for the perfect thing to buy there. Looks like I found it!

Anonymous said...

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