Monday, April 13, 2009

now, that's parenting

Five year old D. had a friend, N. over to play yesterday evening. For a while, I was alone in the house with them.

They were playing upstairs, when I heard a loud, "Thump!"

Me: "Are you boys OK up there?"

D. and N. (in unison): "Don't come up!"

Me: "If I come up, will I get mad?"

N.: "You'll get mad!"

So, I waited five minutes and then I went upstairs. All evidence of whatever had happened had been cleaned up. The boys were playing quietly.

This is clearly an example of how what I don't know can't hurt me.


Nat said...

Ignorance is bliss right?

FlippyO said...

But, but, but I want to know what happened...and how they cleaned it up so quickly and easily if it truly was something that would've made you mad. Wait, did either of them have black eyes today?

cancer questions said...

:) you are right

Melissa said...

Awesome. :) BTDT with my boys -- of course, the overall effect was rather ruined when I finally did go to check and found one of them with toilet paper stuffed up his nose. ;)

In their defense, he *is* an easy bleeder. LOL

JuliaR said...

Great story!

raino said...

this makes me laugh. i wonder if he'll ever tell you what it was?

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! I too wonder what happened but that just makes the story all the better.