Tuesday, April 14, 2009

how much popeye before he becomes pop-eyed?

D. is getting a day off after the long week end because of a cold, which has him good spirits but coughing a lot (he insists it's "not a day off when you're sick!").

He is currently watching back-to-back black and white Popeye episodes from the 1930s (he has seen these many, many times and loves them) and I probably should go be a parent.

Here's a link to post that the wonderful Blondie wrote about my book. It really, really moved me.


Blondie said...

You are an inspiration--thank you. :)

The Maven said...

...parenting... I kind of remember that. It's wedged somewhere between Doodlebops and chocolate for breakfast.

MamaBunny said...

My 5 yo daughter's obsession is Scooby Doo cartoons.
(No) thanks to hubby, she has discovered Scooby Doo back-to-back episodes on Sunday nights on the Boomerang channel. But it's so cute to hear her belly laughs from the silliness.