Thursday, April 16, 2009

i may never be the same

The drama.

The excitement.

The friendship.

The laughter.

The rejection.

The politics.

The blood.

The boredom.

The creativity.

The anger.

The joy.

The noise.

The complete and utter exhaustion.

It was a roller coaster, I tell you. Twenty-five Grade 5 kids and three adults on a field trip to the National Gallery of Canada.

It was fun but it really knocked the stuffing out of me.


raino said...

yikes. that does not sound too fun to me, especially since i am always the mom that never gets my own kids but the three worst ones. why is that? get some rest and get that energy back eh. at least it's sunny out!

Nat said...

I went to the Gallery with The Boy and his glass and the guide we had was fabulous and everyone had a great great great time.

(I think there are photos from it on Facebook.)

Lovebabz said...


I love field trips...sometimes :) With 4 kids they can be exhausting! Now I try to limit 2 a year for each kid...LOL!