Friday, October 24, 2008

random fall friday

1. It was lovely enough to sit outside for a while today. The air was crisp and the birds were very, very loud. I had to come in for a phone appointment and meant to go out again but got swept up in other things.

2. We have a couple of good friends staying with us for a few days. We sat around at the dining room table this morning and I realized that the last time we had done that was when I had my head shaved in March 2006. Doesn't feel that long ago.

3. I am listening to an audio book and really enjoying it. It's The Ethical Assassin by David Liss. I am thinking of becoming his groupie.

4. The puppy (I need to take more photos of her, she is much bigger and hairier now) was spayed yesterday. She is feeling a little low, poor thing but I admit that I have enjoyed the quiet.

5. A few friends and I have formed a writing group. We are meeting one evening every month and I am very excited about it.

6. I have not had a major project on the go since finishing the book and I need one.


The Maven said...

How cute is your dog?!

Also, I'm envious - a writer's group? And you're actually going to *meet* sometimes? I would put something like that together, but it sounds like a lot of work. I'm apparently not as ambitious as you are. I'll live vicariously through you!

How awesome that you were able to write a book, too. There are no coincidences, I tell you!

jacqueline said...

did someone say "project"?

karlien said...

what about that blanket......

laurie said...

You people are all so helpful. ;-)

Mom2Amara said...

A writers group? I'm envious. A co-worker asked me recently what I enjoyed doing. What my hobbies are. Yeah, I'm gonna write about that soon because I apparently have no interests...