Friday, October 10, 2008

giving thanks

We are off to the family cottage in Northern Ontario for the Thanksgiving week end.

Want to imagine what it will be like?

Put together these people

and these people

Make them a whole lot grubbier, add three dogs (two of them long-haired sibling wild puppies).

Put them in a three bedroom cottage in the woods, on a lake.

It will be chaos but it will be fun.

I have chemo the day after I get back, so my next post won't be until next Wednesday, at the earliest.

Happy Thanksgiving!


MamaBunny said...

GREAT photos! I love the red background. You all look fabulous!

I'm hoping to pull off a vacation w/ extended family next year... first time :-) I'd really love for A. to get together with her cousins who live in upstate NY.


FlippyO said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Looks (putting the families together) and sounds like a great time. A cottage, a lake, and woods. Sigh...

Mom2Amara said...

Enjoy the trip!

nonlineargirl said...

beautiful family you have. I hope you had a fantastic thanksgiving!