Tuesday, October 21, 2008

deconstruction not required

I have been dreaming about houses again (you can read previous posts on this subject here and here).

In this latest dream, I am in the middle of moving. It's not my choice to move and I didn't choose the new house. I like my old house and my old neighbourhood and I feel quite sad to leave them behind.

The new house is not filthy or scary or rundown, just unfamiliar and not what I have chosen for myself.

In the dream, I am trying to make the best of it, figure out how to set up this new home so that I feel safe, comfortable and happy.

I think I'm feeling a bit at loose ends this days.


The Maven said...

I've had similar dreams to that. In another version, I find a secret part of the house we currently own that I just never noticed before - and it's huge! It has so much space and it's untouched. I can put an office here, a guest bedroom there, an art room... And then I wake up and find I'm a little sad about it being a dream.

No idea what it means, mind you. But I've had it more than once, and almost as much as the being forced to move dream.

Anonymous said...

At least it wasn't a nightmare - that's how moving houses feels to me in waking life!!!!

laurie said...

Maven- I have had that EXACT same dream! I used to have it a lot. And it did always leave me a little wistful.

talkingbudgie- I swore when I moved into my current house that I was not moving again. Ever. That was 10 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Hey Laurie,

I am no Jungian analyst but here is my take: The new house is your new life. You are living this new life and trying to figure out ways to settle into it and feel safe and comfortable this translates in the dream state as a new house.
Thinking of you, xo C

Anonymous said...

I dreamt about you the other night. We shared a big, squashy, three-booby hug, very tight and sincere.

I was living in a town I kept calling "Concord," but it actually looked more like a beach town in Southern California, maybe one that used to have a military presence but not anymore so there were lots of green squares like parade grounds that had now become balding, well-used, public parks. I lived in one half of a duplex at the edge of one of these green squares, without my true love but with our current cat. My neighbor in the other half, and also my boss, was Ellen Degeneres. I introduced you, and she thought your Rebel 1-in-8 sweater quite fetching.