Tuesday, September 23, 2008

5 minute fantasy

A couple of Sundays ago, I participated in a writing workshop with my breast cancer survivor/former co-worker support/writing group. It was a fantastic, inspiring energizing experience.

I wanted to share one of my more light-hearted pieces from that day.

The exercise: Choose an object that is important to you (I brought in a necklace, designed by my friend Jacqueline (who also designs clothing for women who have had mastectomies). The necklace has a pendant that says “Rebel” (it’s a beer cap) and eight beads. Four are red and one is white, representing the one woman in eight who will get breast cancer.

We were asked to write a description, a memory, a fantasy and a monologue in the object’s voice. Each exercise lasted five minutes.

This is my fantasy:

I am not a rebel by nature. Perhaps it’s my birth order but I have always been a good girl, even through my teenage rebellion and even when breaking the law.

But in my fantasies I am superhero in a beer cap necklace. A one-breasted warrior, wearing big boots and a really cool scarf (you can’t be a superhero without the right accessories. That’s where the confidence comes from when it lacks more internal origins).

I am a superhero who can command a room with my presence and make CEOs tremble with a furious glance from my piercing blue eyes.

I know how to right wrongs and rid the world of injustice and I pull it off – with time left over to finish the queen-sized blanket that’s been languishing in its basket for more than a year.


deb said...
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deb said...

sometimes, even superheros need some help...wasn't there a similar blanket and a birthday present that said I would sew it up??

Btw, i'm not sure that's ALL fantasy!

Mom2Amara said...

I agree with Deb. I don't think its much of a fantasy. I think every mom is a superhero in their own right.

Lene Andersen said...

Ah yes. That power to compel CEOs, idiot doctors, insurance companies... Wouldn't it be nice?

Nice piece!

jacqueline said...

wow. for the rebel jewels to be a part of this exercise/your superhero fantasy brings me to tears. but its ALL you Laurie. all you. rebel cap or none.