Tuesday, September 30, 2008

drops in the water

Today, is the Jewish New Year.

My spouse is Jewish but I am not.

Neither of us is even remotely religious.

But I love the idea of fall renewal, of having the chance to start a brand new year, in this time of harvest and change.

Nonlinear Girl has a post on this subject today and on having the chance to "cast off" the things that hold us back:

"In the Jewish religion, today is the ceremony Tashlich, which is Hebrew for "casting off." As part of the start of a new year, this is a chance to symbolically cast off the sins of the past year. Jews go to a natural body of flowing water and throw in pieces of bread to symbolize the shedding of these old errors. The idea is to get rid of things you do not want to take with you into the new year. While traditionalists focus on specific errors made in the past year, right now I am thinking more about the ways I make life unnecessarily harder for myself. By tossing away some of these I hope I will feel lighter about whatever happens in the next year."

You can read more of this post here and leave a comment, if you like, about the things you would toss away to help you move forward.

I wrote:
Toss in my insecurities about my inability to be an artist, my shame about having cancer and the fears that keep me from 'doing.'


Lovebabz said...

Mosel Tov to you and your husband.

Happy Roshashana!

nonlineargirl said...

Aha, THIS explains that spike in visitors yesterday.

I went down to the river on my own yesterday (yup, I am the kind of Jew who would rather go out with friends than attend the formal ceremony scheduled at the same time) and cast off my sins, along with pieces of bread. Then I thought of my internet friends who told me what they wanted to leave behind, and sent bread on its way for you. L'shana tova!

Mom2Amara said...

I want to cast off my bitterness and anger when it comes to some family squabbles. While I made peace with my decision a few months ago, it doesn't mean it doesn't hurt still. So I want to leave the hurt behind.

Happy Roshashana (OK I know, it was last week but I'm just getting internet service again!)