Tuesday, September 30, 2008

writing my way through breast cancer

I have a new post up at MyBreastCancerNetwork.Com:

"When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer, in January 2006, I was given an envelope full of information, pamphlets about available resources, a calendar (to track all the appointments) and a journal for chronicling, “my breast cancer journey.”

While I had kept a journal for brief periods of my life in the past (and most actively while travelling), I set this one aside. I was far too overwhelmed with absorbing information and trying not to feel overwhelmed to contemplate keeping a personal diary of my feelings.

I did however, choose to start a blog. For most of my professional life, I did some form of communications or public relations work. I was strongly motivated to control the “message” around my breast cancer. I wanted to be the one to determine the Who, What, Where and When (if not the Why) of my cancer and its treatment. I also saw writing, as a way to process my experiences, as an important side benefit.

I could never have predicted how important my blog would come to my survival. I thrived on the connections I made, the community to whom I connected and, in opening myself up to others, I began to feel much stronger and more confident."

You can read the rest of this post here.


Dee said...

One of my friends suggested I start a blog - I thought at first, it would be more of a benefit to my friends and family and I wouldn't have to repeat myself so much.

But, like you, I found that the blog has helped me more than I can imagine. It's helped me process my feelings, I've found a community of people that give me support, and I also have fun with it. I'm thankful for all of that!

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