Tuesday, April 29, 2008

is that my ass?

Wow. I really need to lay off the cake.

And where did D. learn that pose? I have a whole bunch of photos of him doing that, now.

Chemo today.

I'll probably be back online tomorrow.


Dee said...

I hope all goes well with your chemo today, Laurie.

Cute pose your son has . . . my son now does this thing where he kinda shuffle-hops, sticks his hands out, and chants, "oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah" when he's pleased with something. It's fun to watch, huh?

jacqueline said...

damn, you're funny. and THAT pose! next time- the kids come with ya!!!! i miss you.

Anonymous said...

Remember, the camera adds 10-15 lbs. This is because what we usually see in three dimensions is being flattened into two. So though it may be the focal point of this picture to you, I promise you that in real life it's not nearly as prominent as you think it is.

Trust me; I am a Professional. ;)

Personally, I think your ass looks great, good and healthy. (I hope it's not weird to say so. I've kind of come to terms with my own weirdness, though, so that hope is strictly for your sake.)