Tuesday, April 22, 2008

my baby is five

For my darling D., on his fifth birthday:

You crawled into my bed this morning, and as you cuddled up with me, I lay there remembering the day you were born.

You came into the world in a real hurry (less than an hour of hard labour) and I remember your plump little body, your lusty cries and the pride on your father's face. When our midwife told us we had a little boy (a surprise, as you were uncooperative during the ultrasound), we knew right away that you would be our D. Your name is one I have loved since I was a little girl but the deal was sealed when S. declared it the perfect choice for his little brother.

We had to stay in the hospital for a couple of days (your little lungs experienced a bit of shock at the rapidity with which you came into the world). I remember how much I missed your big brother (this was during the height of the SARS crisis and only Papa was allowed to visit) but I treasured those first days alone with my new baby.

We had a fabulous maternity leave together (and I lost 48 pounds between your nursing and all the walking I did with you in the stroller). You were, from your first days, the social, engaged, loving, headstrong, mercurial child that you are today.

You are smart, funny, enormously charismatic, and full of wonderful insight into the world around you. It is a privilege to be your mother.

And to quote your own words back at you, "I love you as much as all the days."


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Lise said...

Laurie - you have such a gift with words! thank you so much for sharing so deeply. I so look forward to your blook, and to the book that you and your "sisters" are putting together.

Babz Rawls Ivy said...

I so needed this today. Thank you Sister.

Mom2Amara said...

Happy Birthday, D!

Laurie, I never realized that D and Amara are nearly the same age. See, we're meant to meet up again...this time with the kiddos!

Jeanne said...

Laurie--this is beautiful! "I love you as much as all the days"--that gave me goosebumps. A love letter to your younger son ... I have two boys as well, as you know, and this really touched me.