Thursday, April 24, 2008

what we did in london (part 1)

I can't believe it but I am still jet-lagged. I have been in bed by nine every night this week and I could be sleeping the day away as well, if I'd let myself.

It was a really great week, though, and totally worth it. For those who've been asking, here is a more detailed account of how we spent our days:

Sunday, April 13th

We arrived in London early in the morning (but two hours later than scheduled) and took the
Heathrow Express to Paddington Station and walked the two minutes to our hotel.

Happily, we were able to check in early and our room was a pleasant surprise (other than the overwhelming smell of bleach). It was much bigger than I had expected, and bright, with windows that opened and laminate flooring instead of carpet.

We both crashed for a couple of hours (and I witnessed my son sleep-walking for the first time that I can remember) and then set out to meet my father-in-law who was in town on business. We had a late lunch and strolled from
Regent's Park to Oxford Street where we went to Hamley's (truly the most marvelous toy store I have ever visited).

That night, we had Indian curry at a little hole in the wall that was a favourite haunt of
Ghandi's when he was a law student. We got home on the tube (after a couple of false starts), despite the fact that we were both hysterical with exhaustion.

Monday, April 14th

We took the a
double decker bus from Paddington to St. Paul's Cathedral (a lovely way to get a better sense of Central London).

We walked across the Thames to the waterfront (I couldn't convince S. to get on the London Eye) and toured the
Movieum (movies are my son's latest obsession). At twenty pounds for both of us (I had to stop converting to Canadian dollars every time I paid for something. London is expensive), this place this place was a bit of a rip off. Some neat stuff from sets but far two many cardboard cut outs and movie posters.

S. loved it, though.

I thought the animation wing was the best thing, with a comic book illustrator at work in his studio, taking time out to give lessons to the kids who dropped by. We both thought that was pretty cool.

After the Movieum, we went to
the movies. After watching the Rolling Stones do their thing (and directed by Martin Scorsese) on a giant screen, I now, finally understand their appeal.

After the credits rolled, we headed home (on the tube again, we didn't take a taxi once the whole week), after stopping to pick up dinner at
Marks and Spencer Simply Food (we did this almost every night. S. loved it. We would walk into the store and I would say, "Pick yourself some dinner." We would each get what we wanted, with dessert for him and wine for me and take it back to the hotel to heat up and eat).

S. did some impressive air guitar back in our hotel that evening.


Jeanne said...

Laurie--this is so wonderful! Now I REALLY want to go to London, but don't think I will make it this year.

Can't wait for the next post. Jet lag is tough, though, especially when you are doing chemo. I went to Japan once with Younger Son while I was on what we thought was a not-too-tough chemo, and there were a couple of days there that I felt pretty bad. Totally worth it, of course. I love to travel with my kids.

Hope you bounce back quickly. Good job of front loading!


Babz Rawls Ivy said...

Wow, thanks for making London so fun for me! I have a Sister-friend Blogger who went to Paris this Fall. I think you would like her. Check her blog sometime when you are over at my place, Princess Tiny Butt.

Mom2Amara said...

I heart London and wish I had an opportunity to go again. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us!