Thursday, April 12, 2007

know any good jokes?

I met with a naturopathic doctor today. I liked her quite a bit, she was very compassionate, has treated patients with cancer before and believes strongly in the mind-body connection.

To that end, she recommended laughter. A good belly laugh every day is apparently worth a mountain of medicines.

So, does anyone have any funny stories to share? Books or movies that will make my face hurt from laughing so hard?

I'll get the ball rolling and recommend Bon Cop, Bad Cop. The humour may be a bit culturally specific but it did make me laugh. Hard.

What makes you laugh?


Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie,
For a good laugh I like to turn to David Sedaris. I remember reading "Naked" at a real low point and it did more for me than handfuls of prozac ever could. I also recommend David Rakoff's "Don't get too comfortable."
Movies: Sideways, Lost in America, Napoleon Dynamite, The Big Lewbowski - all tickle my funny bone.

sassymonkey said...

I loved that movie. But I guess you'd expect that from someone who lived in Montreal for a long time and them moved to Ontari-ari-o.

Christopher Moore novels. Can't read them in public cause I laugh out loud.

ksteinhoff said...

Hi Laurie, Check out jokster Lewis Black on Pagans and Feminists. Very funny. I hope this link works:

And then there's always the four-laughing-babies, which is pee-your-pants funny (but not a joke):

Anonymous said...

I shall take you to see 'Blades of Glory' .... I also have a stash of equally high-brow movies on DVD.

Renting copies of 'Arrested Development' and 'The Office' are a good idea - you can watch them over and over and still laugh yourself silly.

Anonymous said...

A funny French movie comes to mind, The Closet. Also an old movie, The Russians are Coming.