Friday, April 27, 2007


An older woman (she was at least six) said to my four year old son, this evening, "You've stolen my heart."

They had known each other for approximately twenty minutes, as we waited for a big enough table to be ready at Swiss Chalet. She was the manager's daughter and they had been chasing each other around the restaurant foyer.

After we were seated, she came to our table and said, "I wish I could sit beside him."

This kind of thing happens everywhere we go with D. I shudder to think what the future brings. Let's just hope he uses his charisma wisely.


dd said...

omg. what else can i say? your charm and tim's good looks, tim's charm and your good looks....both your charm and good can he go wrong!

Flippy said...

I have a nephew like that. He's very popular with the girls (and boys) and always has been. He's confident, witty, charming, athletic, and has great dimples. If his charm doesn't get him into trouble, he's going to have a very very successful future. It's been interesting to watch, because his older brother is quiet, has a bit less self-esteem, yet is also cute, witty, and charming when he doesn't fall back on his teenaged grumpies. They've always been so different, but at two years apart, still really good friends, which is nice. I think it's nice when siblings actually choose to spend time together.

I like hearing the stories about your boys. I miss when my nieces & nephews were young.

laurie said...

My boys are five years apart but are also different in the ways you describe, Flippy. S. is (IMHO) heartbreakingly beautiful, smart and funny but because he is so much more reserved and less socially confident, has never attracted the attention of his little bro (who has been socially confident from birth!).

Thanks for telling me that you like the stories about my boys, Flippy. I love writing about them.