Saturday, April 28, 2007


Or $78,812 in US dollars. That's how much Jeanne, of the Assertive Cancer Patient (really good blog, check it out) has calculated that her insurance company pays for Herceptin in a year.

Drug companies are evil.

Thank goodness, once again, for socialized medicine.

And, boy, it costs a lot to keep me alive.


Anonymous said...

Oh I know...they are. I asked my chemo nurse why some drugs are so spendy and he said because they are the only company making that particular drug and they have the patent. Right now, I am taking a pill a day that costs 700 dollars per months supply! I will be on it for a year. With our [U.S.] insurance it costs us 175 dollars a month. The drug companies should be horse-whipped!
Comrade L

Anonymous said...

Hey Doll,

You're worth it many many times over! You look fine and vibrant and it's just a pleasure to catch your vibes. Keep it up!!!!

The Anonymous Bubster