Monday, January 08, 2007

the trip of a lifetime or a really dumb idea?

Or something in between, perhaps?

Twenty-four hours of driving, two children, in between cancer treatments. This is what my spouse and I are seriously considering, as an alternative to flying to Florida to visit granparents (or as an alternative to not going anywhere at all).

On the plus side:
  • Even with two nights in a hotel and the cost of gas, it would be considerably cheaper than flying four of us to Florida in February/March.
  • We would avoid all the hassles of air travel, including the risks of exacerbating my lymphedema.
  • We wouldn't have to rent a car once we're down there.
  • It would be a great way to see parts of the US that we've never seen before.
  • Road trips can be full of fun surprises.
On the negative side:
  • It is a lot of driving, especially with two young (8 and 3 years old) kids in the back seat.
  • Even if we left earlier and came back later, our actual time under the Florida sun would be shortened.
  • We would need to travel pretty soon after chemo (but not too close to Herceptin) in order to make it worthwhile. I may still be a little green around the gills.
  • Road trips can be full of unpleasant surprises.
A grave mistake or a fund adventure? I really need your input, my friends.


Anonymous said...

Laurie, I encourage you to go on a fun adventure with the kids. Just cover off the "just in case" stuff - medical contacts, insurance, blah blah blah. There is nothing more wonderful than spending time at the beach with the kids. Also maybe you want to consider renting a portable DVD player and/or get books on tape from the library - a real life saver for those long drives.
Good luck sweetie

Anonymous said...

Well, I just did 3,000 miles in 8 days-BUT I am not in the middle of chemo-I am now 3 yrs past it. So its a catch 22. If you are up to driving, the drive might be fun-take lots of antibacterial stuff with you....Our trip was Louisiana, Dayton OH, Cleveland and back...

I agree the DVD is a must-but just purchase or borrow one. My kids listened to lots of music on CD players and an MP3-i purchased a splitter so we could share the music.

Hoping you feel great when you go and the FL sunshine is wonderful!


Kim said...

First off, let me say how happy I am with what your doc thinks about your improvement. I pray for you daily, wanting you to see many miracles.
I say go for the driving. We have a portable DVD (with two screens to cut down on bickering) and it is a life saver. But yes, cover all your bases carefully: know where the hospitals are etc in the event of an emergency.
I think you would have a great time.

Anonymous said...

Laurie~ I love the road trip thingy! It's a time to chatter away with your family and also to have those quiet reflective times with silence...the DVD player for the boys is a must and music...books too. You tend to see all sorts of neat places and things on the road that you fly over. I think it's time well spent with loved ones, but that's just me. I am at the end of chemo right now, so a road trip would be a blast-N-a half...time to just sit, doze and whatever.
Whatever you decide, HAVE A WONDERFUL time...I will be praying for you and your family.
Comrade L :~>

Anonymous said...

as someone who did the drive in a little car, from northern ontario, it was pretty amazing. Seeing the US in the middle of winter, each mile getting warmer and warmer, (not that we need the warm weather at the moment...but!) was quite soul reviving. Then again,I would have welcomed a few others along the know what i mean!! :)

I echo the other comments, in terms of precautions, mapping, insurance..., and bringing lots of entertainment for all, and a camera if not a video recorder. It'll be a road trip never to forget.

Can I be first in line to keep the pooch??


amanda said...

Go for it, babe...and be sure to stop at as many funky, weird road-side attractions as you can along the way. Those places are where memories are made, I'm telling ya.

Anonymous said...

First, great to hear about the good medical news.Second, I would strongly suggest road tripping. The stuff on the way to Florida is much more fun than Florida itself. L

Kate said...

go for it and have a wonderful time! there is something quite sureal about long road trips, they're safe and peaceful and away from all those day to day things. plenty of stops along the way, dont rush, take lots of car snacks and it will be well worth the effort. i'm downunder in australia and we do lots of long road trips to see grandparents. one more suggestion 'stable tables' for the kids to draw/read/do play doh on are a good option too. take care and good luck! oh yeh, i agree with the 'know where the hospitals are' suggestion - even if not needed it gives you an essential peace of mind to know you can if you need to and may be a factor to consider when planning your route.

Anonymous said...

Take along some surprises (books, toyes the bnoys haven't seen yet to pull out when they need to shift gears. And something active for them to do when you stop for meals or for the night. Consider a shoe bag behind each of the front seats for them to slip things into. There are many wonderful cases available which you can fill with things to do (and cookies) that can act as tables. (I used folding trays on the old days) Suzanne

Anonymous said...

(part 2( I also had a small suitcase to place between the kids filled with things to do and nibble. The trip will be wonderful.


Amanda said...

I say take the drive. Let what may come, come. With an adventurous spirit and a patience to go with the flow, you'll be able to find magic (or maybe just humor) in crusty place mats, misspelled reader boards, and in playing the age old spot the out of state license plate game. I think we lose something in the overstreamlining of travel. I wish you the greatest of memories, however you weave your way to Florida!