Wednesday, January 24, 2007

moving in the right direction

My oncologist says that my gastrointestinal issues are nothing to worry about. Accordingly, I have told my inner hypochondriac to stand down.

He also said that my liver functions are now normal (repeating himself for emphasis and to make sure I grasped the import of this).

He told me that last Friday's ultrasound revealed that the fluid buildup in my liver is now gone, which is the reason that my abdomen no longer seems to be as swollen (a quick physical exam confirmed this. My abdomen is no longer hard, one side of my liver is normal and the other is much less swollen than it was). He called it a "dramatic improvement."

What the ultrasound did not reveal was any sign that my tumours are shrinking. I do feel a bit disappointed but it is early days yet, and all other signs are that the treatment is working.

I'm pleased.

As Maria said in the comments, "it really is a fight," but, for the moment, the forces of good seem to have the upper hand.


Anonymous said...

A hearty congratulations. It's a wealth of good news, and one small bit of no news. That seems worth celebrating!

Anonymous said...

This is very good news indeed, in makes me a little giddy. What wonderful turns life can take!

I look forward to an in person ceremony of congratulations (in which the imbibing of liquids derived from grapes plays a central part)!!



Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! I continue to hold you in my prayers that things continue looking up and up and up!

Anonymous said...

Good news! Keep it coming!