Friday, January 12, 2007

if i knew then...

I should have taken out life insurance when I was healthy.

My spouse and I were in the process of applying (had even gone through the physical exams) when I found my lump. I really, really wish we had acted sooner.


amanda said...

Do you have access to any of those group plans with no health questions?

Eric took out a plan when he graduated from college, it was an alumni group plan from the American Insurance Company. They are typically only available in a lower amount than the policies where you have to answer all of the questions (Eric's was only worth $27,500.00) but it was enough to cover our debts, his final expenses, and have a little bit left over. He was able to take out a policy despite three years (at the time) of leukemia treatments.

Let me know if you have any luck.

Anonymous said...

I should have bought that fabulous, 6 bedroom house on Rideout St. in 1974 for $100,000...which would sell, today, for 2.5 mil. I knew it was the thing to do but my then spouse was reluctant to buy a house, period! I thought the stress would have been too much for the then spouse. P.S. We separated a scant four years later and TO THIS DAY when I pass that house I say to myself "I shoulda bought it then".
Life's little ironies. Some more consequential than others.