Wednesday, January 31, 2007

...perchance to dream

Well, we had one heck of a birthday week end. T. says it was one of his best ever, which makes me feel very pleased, indeed.

We really did have a lot of fun with friends and family, great food and some (too much?) very nice wine. It really was a lovely, lovely week end during which I rarely thought about cancer.

My only regret is that I forgot to take pictures.

But it did take me a while to sleep it off. I napped after a family brunch on Sunday, slept all morning on Monday and went to bed early both nights.

Yesterday was a chemo and Herceptin day. My new personal protocol (which seems to prevent the side-effects I was experiencing) involves being pumped full of Demerol and Gravol (to avoid nausea from the Demerol). The resulting high is far from unpleasant but it did knock me out in short order (not a bad thing since the Herceptin is administered very slowly and they keep me for an hour-long observation period). I also took a nap in the evening and went to bed for good at around 9:30.

And of course, I spent today in my pajamas.

On another note, I'm reading a fascinating book: Bitter Chocolate, Investigating the Dark Side of the World's most Seductive Sweet, by Carol Off (2006, Random House Canada).

Somewhat ironically, as I read about the history of chocolate (and cocoa) and the cruelty and inequalities inherent in its production, I found myself developing an overwhelming craving. I eventually had to go downstairs for a handful (or several) of chocolate chips.

This has led me to the following conclusions:

1. My stomach must not be too unhappy if I can eat chocolate.
2. I am extremely susceptible to suggestion.
3. I need to ask someone to bring me some fair trade chocolate, so I can stop feeling so guilty.


amanda said...

Cocoa's good for you--lots of magnesium and anti-oxidants. It was actually on Eric's "recommended food list" while we were at Johns Hopkins.

Eat up, darlin'--it's been approved by some of the top oncologists in the country!!! :)

sassymonkey said...

I've had my eye on that book. Hmmmmmmm....I don't even know where one would find fair trade chocolate.

I'm glad you guys had a great birthday week. :)