Monday, August 09, 2010

i get personal with the Run for the Cure

This is the text from my page at Run for the Cure site;

Thanks for visiting my personal page.

I was diagnosed with very agressive breast cancer in January 2006. In November of that year, I learned that it had spread to my liver.

My oncologist told me that the were "more tumours than they could count" and when I asked how long I could expect to live, he reluctantly answered, "Years. Not decades."

Fast forward to June 2007, when after several rocky months of treatments, I started feeling much better. Then, on June 30th 2007, a scan confirmed what my body had been telling me - there was no longer any sign of cancer in my body!

I have been in remission for three years. I'll remain in treatment (chemotherapy and Herceptin every four weeks) for the forseeable future, though. There are so few women in my postion that no one can reliably say what will happen if I stop. But I've noticed that my family and are planning ahead and casually making reference to events that will take place years in the future and assuming that I will be there.

I am running on October 3rd so that more women will be granted a future they thought had been stolen from them.

I'm running in the hope that some day soon women like me can walk away from treatment with confidence that the cancer is behind them.

I'm running so that my nieces and other young girls need never worry about breast cancer at all.

Can you support me (please)?

I have added a permanent link to the blog (top right hand side) that you can click on any time, if you want to make a donation.

(Our team, No Pink for Profit, now has seventeen eighteen members. Three Four other women have committed to join us. There is still room for more though - you can run or walk at your own pace. You can pay the entry fee or decide to fundraise. It's completely up to you. All women are welcome).


Finola said...

I feel very lucky to have been welcomed to your team and I'm so looking forward to October 3!

laurie said...

Finola- I'm very excited and so moved that all these women from so many parts of my life are coming together!

Deb H. said...

Hi Laurie, We haven't met (yet) but I'd really like to join your team!

I ran the Run for 2 years after I was diagnosed with breast cancer, but just couldn't face it last year due to my conflicted feelings about all things pink!

So I think your team is the perfect solution - we can raise funds for a cause we know is very relevant, and we can educate against the pink crap!!

"We hate pink crap but we hate breast cancer even more." - I love that!!


laurie said...

Yay! Deb! So glad you are joining us. I love finding others who can relate to my pink crap aversion.

Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie,

Was 'talking' to Zoom this morning and I'd like to join if there is room for one more. I too have an aversion to the commodification of cancer and the resultant tide of pink crap.


laurie said...

Grace! I just saw this email. Please do join us.

Christina said...

Hi Laurie,

I hope you don't mind that I joined your team! I read about your team on Chris Lynds' blog, and I so much wanted to be a part of it. We've never met, but when I read that all women were welcome to join... I took you at your word. :)

Another reason? You have the same name as my favorite cousin! There are no coincidences...