Friday, August 13, 2010

43 things (part four)

32. I can organize ideas, a campaign or a project but I can't organize my house or even a room to save my life.

33. If I become interested in something, it can easily turn into an obsession. At least for a little while.

34. I'm trying to ride my bike as much as possible. I think I'm becoming addicted (see above).

35. I'm always a little surprised to discover that someone likes me.

36. I didn't think Facebook birthday wishes were a big deal until it was my birthday. I loved getting messages from all over the world and from people from all parts of my life.

37. I have already passed my minimum goal of raising $150 for the Run for the Cure. I dream of wildly exceeding that.

38. Two of my favourite childhood memories are of a family cross-country ski trip and going sailing on my uncle's boat. I don't particularly want to do these things now but I felt happy doing them then.

39. I like the idea of creating fun memories for my kids. I wonder if they will hold close the memories of our trips to Florida and our week end at Blue Skies when they are adults.

40. When I was six years old, a man in a raincoat flashed me. I was passing through the parking lot of the Catholic Church, on my way to school.

41. When I'm depressed, I feel invisible.

42. I'm making good progress in my quest to lose 44lbs before I turn 44 (on August 4th, 2011). I lost three pounds in the first week. I know it's going to slow down from here on in but I'm feeling encouraged. And determined. And you're going to be reading a lot about it here and on Twitter/Facebook because I want to stay accountable.

43. I think it's really cool that I'm planning for a year from now.

44 (bonus thing). I really do think that the red Smarties taste best.


Andrea Ross said...

Hey - we have more in common. I too was flashed when I was a kid. I was with my cousin at the school playground during the summer vacation and some guy slowly approached us. We could see for quite a long way off that he was exposing himself so I (famously) yelled "XYZ! Examine Your Zipper!!!"

When he got too close, we took off giggling.

sassymonkey said...

Yes, but when you eat your Smarties do you eat the red ones last? ;)

laurie said...

Andrea - I think that kind of thing happened to many of us. I love how you handled it all. The guy did not get what he wanted.
And yes, Sassymonkey, I do.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the Run fundraising! And I love the name of your team. If I weren't committed to going with my dragon-boat team (and could sign up from a different city than Ottawa), I'd be tempted to join you!

best wishes,