Sunday, May 03, 2009

what i set out to do

PJ Hamel, had the following to say about my book, in a review she wrote for
MyBreastCancerNetwork.Com (Health Central):

Wry. Real. Dealing with it. That’s Laurie’s story. It’s a personally familiar one, for so many of us. Through her week-by-week, sometimes day-by-day detailing of cancer treatment laid atop everyday life (the dog, the kids, school and work), we relive with Laurie those emotions many of us have experienced. And it’s a bittersweet feeling, this “been there, done that” comparison of radiation burns, telling your small son you have cancer, and losing your hair.

This isn’t a sad book. Nor is it a sicky-sweet, “Oh, cancer has been so good to me” book. It’s just… true. A regular woman dealing with cancer as best she can. And writing about it in an utterly compelling way.

This review made me really happy. It means a lot that PJ liked the book. She also made me feel like I achieved what I set out to do.

That's a really good feeling.


Dee said...

Excellent review! It appears you achieved a balance - telling the truth and living life, so that it isn't all sad, but it isn't sicky-sweet "uplifting". Good job!

I won't get a chance to read it until after classes end in mid-June. Too many other things to read, grade, and write. But when I get a chance, I'll read it!

The Maven said...

Wow! Love the review. You know, I really need to actually BUY your book soon so you can sign it for me and I can read it, even! ;P