Thursday, May 07, 2009

the apple and the tree

At about 8:30 last night, D. came downstairs.

D.: "Papa, can I sleep in your bed?"

My spouse: "Why can't you sleep in your own bed?"

D.: "There are too many books in my bed."

Tonight is my Ottawa book launch. My right eye has been twitching furiously all morning. Going to step away from the computer and take some deep breaths.


Chris said...

Hilarious. See you at the book launch.

Anonymous said...

Heh. Too funny. My daughter has done that too. Grins.

nonlineargirl said...

Have a great time at the launch!

Bhuvana said...

Funny! That could've been me and my son too :)

Thinking of you...hope you had a fun time at the launch.

Dee said...

Love that! Your son can't sleep in his bed because of too many books! Love it love it love it.

I'm heading to Norway for about 9 days and when I asked my son if he wanted to take some of the books he's reading to his dad's, his reply was, "No, I don't read books before bed at his house, only at yours."

I'm very glad that reading books is a habit for him at my house. I wish it would carry over to his dad's house, but . . . one thing at a time!

Congrats on the book launch!