Thursday, July 24, 2008

safe, sound, happy and tired

I had a wonderful time at BlogHer '08.

I had chemo the day after my return, though and am still recovering. Some longer posts are owed to you all very soon.

Meanwhile, here is a pic of me, BlogHer co-founder Lisa Stone and wonderful Babz (Babz and I, who had never met in person, took to each other like two old friends).

I had to snag this photo from Babz, since I took exactly one photo all week end. It's of me and an international celebrity and I will post that tomorrow.


cathy said...

No way -- you can't say "international celebrity" without telling us who!
Way way too suspenseful!

Can't wait to hear more about the conference.

ShannanB said...

Babz is great. She sat behind me on the flight out to BlogHer.

Very fun, positive woman.

angela said...

hi there! you and my babz! i'm sorry i missed you two. big ticket mixup... short, awful story.

any, i am so glad to see you two here.

angela :)

laurie said...

Sorry to be such a tease! And yes, Babz is really lovely.
Angela - big hugs to you!