Wednesday, July 09, 2008

me: from a to z

Feeling lazy today, so I am lifting a meme from Average Jane. I did this in complete stream of consciousness. I would probably write it completely differently tomorrow.

Update: I did the meme wrong! It turns out that I was supposed use all the same alphabet words as everyone else and just comment on them. I'm not changing it now and this was more fun anyway.

A is for activism. Mine mostly manifests itself through my writing these days.

B is for banana. Love them.

C is for cookie. And that's good enough for me! (Whether you get this reference will tell me your demographic).

D is for dogs. Of course. What else?

E is for elephant. Still thinking about the one that went on a rampage and was eventually killed. So sad.

F is for future. Nice to feel like I have one.

G is for good. This is how I feel about my life today.

H is for hope. See F and G.

I is for ignominious. Just because I like that word.

J is for jazz. I feel guilty that I didn't create space for my spouse to go to more of the Jazz Festival.

K is for kangaroo. I need to read up. D. was asking me questions I couldn't answer last night. "When do their eyes open?" "How old are they when they can live outside their mother's pouch?"

L is for love. What I feel when I look in on my sleeping kids.

M is for money. It would be handy to have more of it.

N is for naughty. My puppy has taught me the meaning of the word.

O is for open. A good thing to be, most of the time.

P is for pizza. My downfall.

Q is for quiet. I love it.

R is for resting. What my doggies are doing right now.

S is for safety. A word I am still defining, figuring how much I need and when to step outside its bounds.

T is for travel. I am excited to be going to BlogHer and still need to pick up an SF travel book.

U is for umbrella. We have had too much umbrella weather this spring.

V is for values. Don't tell me I don't have any just because mine are different from yours.

W is for writing. The activity I procrastinate before doing. The activity that I miss most (along with exercise) when I skip. The activity that has become a habit and that has greatly enhanced my life.

X is for xenophobia. Because it's bad. And it's more interesting word than xylophone or x-ray.

Y is for yak. Because Dr. Seuss loves them.

Z is for za. A very handy Scrabble word. It is the 17th letter of the Arabic alphabet and also a short for for 'pizza.' Not sure which is the accepted definition, just that Scrabble likes it and I can play it. So there.


Average Jane said...

The version I started with didn't have any explicit rules, so I just left the words she had. I don't think there's a wrong way to do it!

Lovebabz said...

Way COOL! I am so doing this! Thanks for the inspiration!

Anissa Mayhew said...

I LOVE Cookie Monster...I got it.

And I loved it, thanks for sharing