Tuesday, June 17, 2008

what inspires you?

I have been feeling kind of burned out lately and completely uninspired.

Perhaps I have been over-extending myself. And as much as I need and want to write about my experiences as a cancer patient, mining that particular vein can be draining (and I am trying really hard not to repeat myself too much in the different venues in which I am writing).

I did my morning pages today, for the first time in a while and I found it to be a tough slog. I started to list the things that inspire me and I realized that I have not really been making a lot of space in my life to do these things. My days have been focused on being productive and, perhaps, when I have had down time, I have not been engaging in the kind of activities that fill me up.

I think this needs to change. Yes, I have deadlines (and the house is a mess) but I think that I might spend less time staring at a blank computer screen, struggling over every word (or surfing the net to avoid writing) if I let myself spend a little time getting inspired.

Here's my list. What would be on yours?

Reading books.


Going for long walks.

Spending time in the arboretum and other beautiful places.

Taking in other people's art.

Listening to music.


Hanging out with friends and family.

Being silly with my kids.

Spending time with my spouse.


sassymonkey said...

I went to the arboretum for the booksale a couple of weeks ago and my goodness is it nice. I love how green Ottawa is.

I haven't thought of my answer for this yet...but unsurprisingly books are on it.

Lovebabz said...

Hhmm, this is a good excercise. I am feeling a bit stuck and in need of inspiration. My ususal pleasure triggers are slow. I am going to NYC this weekend so that should spark a new sense of being in me!

I have to think about this some more.

Princess Tinybutt said...

hi there! i see that babz has been here :) well, i just wanted to stop by and say hi, but really to say thank you for stopping my place. i really appreciate that. i've had you on my blogroll almost since the begining, and come by here often. so i'm honored that you paid me a visit.

and like babz says, this is a good excercise and i'll be working on it!

be well and strong :)

Mom2Amara said...

My daughter's laugh inspires me.

And there's this one spot right off Lake Michigan that always touches my soul. I wish I could go there more often.

PJH said...

YOU inspire me, Laurie.

Being alone, and being quiet, and being able to look inside myself. It's like a deep, clear pool; everything I need is in there. I just have to wait, and be still, and whatever I need will surface.

Thanks and praise from other women inspire me to keep going when I think I'd rather stop.

Seeing the life lessons I've spent 22 years trying to teach my son mirrored back at me, finally.

The love of my friends. Esp. my cancer friends.

Writing, when it's flowing effortlessly; I feel like I'm writing down the words I'm reading in my head, it's that simple.

The intensity of caring of the good folks at our local cancer center.


Mp3 said...