Monday, March 03, 2008

i resolve: february in review

It's time to catch you all up on how I've been doing when it comes to my resolutions for 2008.


I have been doing really well in this category (which is, I suppose, why I am starting with it) and I am happy to say that I have done everything to which I committed at least once.


In January, I vowed to begin by cleaning out my food cupboards, fridge and freezers. As I write this, my fridge is full of sludge, the freezers are full of frost and unlabelled food items and my cupboards are so full that stuff falls on my head every time I open a cupboard door.

I have decided to delude myself remain optimistic for one more month, though. So, for March, I resolve to grab a big garbage bag (and some rubber gloves) and get the job done.


I had mixed results in terms of meeting my fitness goals.

I pledged to attend four yoga classes. I made it to two (I was in Florida one week and S. was sick the next). This month, I think I need to shake it up a bit and attend some classes at my local community centre. I will do this at least four times.

I had set myself the goal of walking an average of five one hour walks and one half-hour walk every week. I very nearly made it (S.'s illness and a wicked cold snap caused last week's walks to be abbreviated). In March, I resolve to meet this goal.

The other promise I made was to begin to do some work to build up core strength. I didn't do a single sit-up or abdominal crunch. This month, I'll do it, starting today (I'm attending a cardio-kickboxing class. I imagine this will involve some abdominal torture strengthening).

Update at 7:47 pm: I didn't make it to cardio-kickboxing but I did go for a long and vigorous walk. I think I forgot to keep the 'R' (for 'realistic') in S.M.A.R.T. I did do a few leg lifts and a few crunches, though.

You have to start somewhere.

As for my diet, I have been gradually, and successfully, making small changes. I eat very little sugar, add flax seed to my breakfast cereal and drink green tea almost every day. I have also increased my consumption of veggies and fish.

I have come to terms with the fact though, that now (especially that I will be going for chemo less frequently) is the time to take my commitment to good nutrition a little further and focus in earnest on losing some weight.

My weight has been steadily climbing over the last year and the trip to Florida served as a bit of a wakeup call (very few of my summer clothes fit, the reflection of my ass in the mirror made me wince and my trim and fit in-laws serve as an inspiration). The health risks associated with excessive weight are even higher for a cancer patient and maintaining a healthy weight is one of the best ways to manage lymphedema.

In order to lose weight, I need structure and Weight Watchers has worked very well for me in the past (I lost 48lbs after D. was born and kept most of it off until I started cancer treatment) For me, it's not enough to say "Beer is fattening" but instead, "Beer costs three points that I could spend on food!"

I signed up for the online program this morning (I already go to enough appointments). I figure that telling all my internet peeps (and anyone IRL* who will listen) that I am doing this should have the same effect, in terms of keeping me honest.

I have set several small goals for myself, the first of which is to lose 10 lbs (at a rate of no more than 1-2 lbs per week). I'll keep you posted.

I still owe you all posts on my resolutions (and progress) regarding writing and re-connecting with friends. I will be able to get to those this week, as tomorrow is a chemo day and I will take my laptop to bed with me.

*IRL=in real life.


Anonymous said...

Love the updates. The health comment put me in the frame of mind to do my walk video tonight. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are on top of your goals...You GO GIRL!

Babz Rawls Ivy said...

Look, nothing is written in stone! I applaude your tenacity. Girl you are Badd! Just take it easy and know that who you ain't about how you look. Suspend ego and enjoy I sit my fat ass over hear trying to stay on my fitness plan too...aargh. Talk about talking shit!

I love you.

Mom2Amara said...

Flax seed, green tea, and yoga. Girl, if you promise to keep on it, I will too!