Wednesday, March 26, 2008

all at once

I was planning a post about cancer clusters today but I have decided to put that off until tomorrow.

Instead I will link you once again to Sara, who has left me furious, sad, scared, hopeful. inspired and even amused by a single post.

Cancer is a bitch.


Anonymous said...

Oh, goodness! Big hugs to you, sweetie.

Judy said...

Cancer is a bitch.

As is insurance and referrals and all such nonsense.

And I found my way here and just wanted to say hello from one metastatic breast cancer babe to another.

I'm a newbie. An Inflammatory Breast Cancer newbie at that. Well.

These were introductions I once thought I'd never make.

Anyways, heyhowareya?

I started chemo on Jan. 22.

I can be found at if you've ever up for more cancer whining or ranting or whatever else I have there.

Oh, and my name is Judy.

Sheesh, this stuff makes us all some crazy biatches, doesn't it?!

With that, I should end this nonsense before you ban me or delete me or whatever.


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