Wednesday, March 05, 2008

irreconcilliable truths

Fact: Yesterday was a chemo day. And even though it had been four weeks since my last treatment (and I felt terrific), my neutrophils (the white blood cells that fight infection) were barely above the point at which they cancel chemo.

Fact: At this time of year, my youngest son is a snot factory. This morning he was cuddling in my bed, sharing my pillow when he wiped his nose with his hand and then proceeded to stroke my face (a gesture of love. I only recoiled inwardly).

This, I remind myself is why Neupogen was invented. Bring on the super-expensive little vials (ten doses after each treatment cost more than $2000). Bring on the needles. I'm ready.


Wonders said...

Your a brave girl!

MamaBunny said...

Ah, kids+winter+snot :-P
Hang in there, Lori!

hotshuz said...

yuck and yuck