Friday, May 19, 2006

worth a pound of cure

I am in a much better mood today, as my energy begins to return. It's also good to get a bit of respite from the rain; there is something very pleasant about sitting outside with the laptop, even under a cloudy sky (see what I mean about the post chemo euphoria? Sitting in my damp backyard - really need to clean up after the dogs - is the best thing I've ever done).

I have cancer prevention on the brain today. A friend sent me two very interesting links: and

A couple of months ago, when the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation first aired, "Chasing the Cancer Answer" (on Marketplace:, I wasn't ready to watch. I think I am moving into a place where the questions raised by journalist and recent cancer patient Wendy Mesley are going to be ones with which I will also be grappling.

Expect to hear lots more from me about this in the coming months.

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