Wednesday, May 17, 2006

another list

I need to make a (somewhat random) list of things I know about myself that have nothing to do with breast cancer:

  1. I am the mother of the two most beautiful, sweetest, smartest boys to ever walk the face of the earth.
  2. I am happily married to a real cutie (who will be both mortified and chuffed at being called a 'cutie' in public. What the heck, he's extra cute when he's embarassed). We have been together 15 years and we still make each other laugh.
  3. I am crazy about dogs. I have two biggish beasties with sweet dispositions, who get me out in the world when I don't feel like going and who are the loveliest of companions.
  4. I have put up for many years with a neurotic, malevolent tabby cat to whom I am unreasonably attached.
  5. I knit. My knowledge and interest greatly outstrip my ability but I love it.
  6. Before the cancer, I had become a runner (albeit a very slow one) and I will be one again. Like knitting, I find it meditative and good for the soul (not to mention what it does for my legs). Also like knitting, running doesn't come naturally. It tickles me that two of the things I love best to do are things which do not come easily. That was a big hurdle to overcome and I'm glad I did it.
  7. The first sign that I am starting to lose control over a fast-paced life: I lose things. It usually starts with my keys.
  8. I have a somewhat addictive personality. When I get into something, it can become an obsession.
  9. I am not someone who should own a Blackberry (see above).
  10. I love good coffee (black), good chocolate (dark) and good wine (usually red, but not always).
  11. I love working in the labour movement and have a strong commitment to social justice. My spouse shares these values and I am proud to see my children absorbing them.
  12. I have surrounded myself with a community of chosen family. Never have I been more grateful for this than in the last several months.

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