Tuesday, May 16, 2006

fighting the funk

Starting to resurface from the most recent round of chemo (no anti-nauseants today). Fighting the funk that seems inevitably to descend when I reach this place (basically, well enough to feel sorry for myself but not to do much else).

To address this, I think it's time to make a list of things for which I feel grateful (not the big picture stuff but why, right, now, today isn't so bad):

  1. Sleep. I got much more of it this round.
  2. My doctors and nurses really ask about my side effects from chemo and seem eager to find the best ways to get through this. This has helped a lot (for example, no weird twitching this time).
  3. I had just enough of my friend B.'s healing soup to get through the last few days. It was the only thing I wanted to eat this round.
  4. While my dear old dog has a terrible sore on her leg, I have a vet who will come to my house to take care of her.
  5. My house is clean, thanks to my mother, and I will not have to spend the whole time the vet is here feeling embarassed.
  6. I only have two more rounds of chemo to go.
  7. I am able to blog.

As I think of others throughout the day, I will update.

I forgot to add the following anecdote to my list of "strange happenings":

During a chemo session a round or two ago, I chatted a bit with the woman whose husband was in the bed beside mine. He has lung cancer and is taking part in a clinical trial involving infusing the patient with chlorophyll. The substance in the iv bag was definitely a very bright green.

A couple of hours later, when the couple got up to leave, I noticed that the man was now green. He had not taken on a greenish tinge. He was green.

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