Tuesday, October 01, 2013

welcome to October

My Facebook and Twitter feed is filled with exclamations. No one can believe it's here. Neither can I.

Welcome to October.

Is it just be or is the annual deluge of pink crap just slightly toned down this year? Maybe I've just had my head under a rock. I was literally offline for a week and it's been longer than that since I've been in a store. I don't listen to commercial radio or watch television that isn't Netflix, so I've been pretty sheltered, so far. I'm thankful.

I'm still astounded at some of the awful pink stuff out there and I'll be featuring some of the best throughout the month, along with genuinely topical and even helpful information about breast cancer and the organizations and people who are out there doing good work.

In short, you can come here this month, if you're in need of some pink de-toxing. This is a pinxploitation free zone.

For today, here is a letter I wrote a couple of years ago, to Q on CBC Radio, that was the Letter of the Day.

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