Monday, October 21, 2013

3 weeks later

If you'll recall, I was hesitant to have my port put on my right side because of my truncal lymphedema. I figured that if I'm not supposed to cut my right arm, or even have blood pressure taken on the side, then I probably shouldn't have surgery either. After all, I have very little lymphedema in my right arm and lots in my back and chest.

Well, I have even more now. And it's really uncomfortable. And the site of the surgery also became infected.

I was put on antibiotics for a week. At the end of the week, I saw only a tiny bit of improvement in the wound and the antibiotics had made me sick. And they made me weak enough that, as I was recovering from the antibiotics, I contracted a brutal gastrointestinal virus.

It's been five weeks since surgery and I still don't feel like myself.

And tomorrow, I have treatment.

But at least I'm writing again and riding my bike and going for walks. And the wound, is finally healing.

I think I need to put all of this in a letter to the hospital. An open letter.

Until then, I'm back. And happy to be here.


Anonymous said...

How miserably frustrating, Laurie. Writing one of your inimitable calm, rational but expressive letters would certainly feel good (for you) and get some focused attention from the addressees.

We hope you're feeling somewhat better by today and will exceed today's level of wellness tomorrow. We're thinking of you and sending our love. The B in T and her Dude

laurie said...

Thanks for the encouragement. It is very much appreciated and I will act.

Jim's Girl said...

Oh, you must be so tired of this. I hope at least this treatment will be an easy one. Are they ever easy ones?

Thinking of you. ~ Kate

tccomments2013 said...

oh, Laurie, I am so sorry for all you have and are going through. I think it's a really good idea to write that letter; it just may propel important changes so others do not have to endure what you have, and I bet it would be cathartic for you - and boy, do I know, YOU could write an excellent account of all that transpired! glad to know the wound is healing and you are back on your bike - and back here on your blog. do all you are able to be good to yourself - you DESERVE it!

much love and light, xoxo


laurie said...

Thank you to Kate and Karen. I so appreciate your words of support and encouragement. And Karen, I love that sign off. Love and light - good for all of us.

Teresa said...

I know this old new but Please write the letter if you haven't done so... I work in healthcare and letters work. Even as a staff member i have days where i come home and feel like writing a letter! Hospitals are big 24/7 organisations and it can really feel like pot luck getting good service... I say that as a staff member too. That said the dragon you meet today might be an angel next time, its a weird environment not made any easier by budget cuts etc. sometimes it all feels under control and other times things derail spectacularly. Letters work, especially well written ones!