Monday, August 19, 2013

twilight zone

Nurse (shouting from the other room): "How old is your port?"

Me: 7 years

Nurse (still hollering): Holey Moley. That's old. (pause) Are you sure?

Me: March 2006.

Nurse: When was it last accessed?

Me: 4 weeks ago, tomorrow.

Nurse: What are you getting?

Me: Herceptin.

Nurse: For 7 years? 

Me: Yes.

Nurse: No. Herceptin is for one year. 7 years is not possible.

Me: It is when you're metastatic.

Nurse: Are you on (name of drug I don't remember)?

Me: No. Herceptin.

Other nurse: It's Herceptin. I checked her chart.



Lene Andersen said...

You messed with her mind. Enjoy it.

(I mean, it's better than foaming at the mouth about medical professionals who don't believe what patients say, the invalidating nature of same and general frustration with said medical professionals)

Nancy's Point said...

Wow. Just wow. Your post title is perfect.

Jim's Girl said...

Strange indeed. I'm approaching two years on Herceptin. It doesn't bother me as much as it does you, so I'll happily take it for a decade... as long as I don't get the bill.

~Kate, of Kate Has Cancer