Wednesday, August 07, 2013

a guest at Nancy's Point

It's somewhat fitting that while I'm on vacation, I'm a guest on someone else's blog!

"You have no control over the cards you’re dealt; but there is strategy, experience and skill that goes into playing the game.
I’m a lousy card player."
Please visit Nancy's Point, to read more and to check out this excellent blog. Nancy is incredibly generous in her support of other writers as well as being a thoughtful, interesting blogger and author of "Getting Past the Fear: a guide to help you mentally prepare for chemotherapy."

I'm also giving away a copy of my book!


Facing Cancer Together said...

Hey Laurie, I just read your post on Nancy's Point. Congratulations! And enjoy your vacation :) ~Catherine

Nancy's Point said...

It is funny that though you're on vacation, you're featured on another blog - mine! Writers are never really on vacation. We are always thinking about and conceptualizing our next writing project, don't you agree? Regardless, enjoy your time off and thanks so much for the kind words about my blog and also for mentioning my eBook! And many thanks for writing such a fabulous guest post - and your great book too!

Lorie said...

Hi Laurie, I just read your post on Nancy's Point too. Thank you for sharing your wonderful and inspiring story. I hope you are enjoying your vacation!

John Paul Younes said...

Great article! I love Nancy's Point as well as Facing Cancer. I’m interested in learning how to help people in my town receiving cancer treatment or who have family members going through it.

What are your big fears or frustrations? What have you tried that hasn’t worked? What do you need help with?

Please email me at or