Monday, January 21, 2013

eating out for CyberKnife

I really want to write a longer post about CyberKnife. In the end, I only had one session (and it felt like more than enough) but it might as well have been three because this "no side-effect" treatment made me really sick. Four days later and I still feel sick to my stomach. 

I was just remembering thinking that after chemotherapy, my breast cancer radiation would be "a walk in the park" but I hated almost every minute of it. And I had almost every possible side effect. 

I hate radiation. It's really worth it, though if it keeps my tumour from coming back. And if others appear, I know this treatment is there for me.

 I'll write about the experience in greater detail later but today I wanted to tell you about an event I'm going to attend. If you live in Ottawa, and are in a position to eat out, you should consider it, too. Never has it been easier to make a contribution:

The small print, that's nearly impossible to read, explains that on January 23rd, participating local restaurants will be donating 25% of their proceeds to the CyberKnife and research programs at the Ottawa Cancer Centre. 

It's a good idea any day of the week but since I just finished CyberKnife treatment, it seems particularly appropriate (assuming my stomach agrees and I feel better). I'll be going to the Atomic Rooster with Tim because I've heard really good things, Tim says the food looked great when he was there last week for a friend's vernissage and because her art show is still running and I can see it too.

Click here for the list of participating restaurants (scroll down) There are more than 100! and to read more about CyberKnife in Ottawa.

Finally, here's a short video where a neurosurgeon (mine!) talks about the importance of the CyberKnife to the Ottawa Hospital.

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