Sunday, May 08, 2011

alone on mothers' day

When my spouse first mentioned that he was thinking of taking the boys to the Toronto Comic Arts Festival in Toronto, I protested, "But that's Mothers' Day week end!"

Then I stopped to think.

"Would you be taking both boys?"

"I think I'd have to."

After a moment's thought (empty house! to myself! quiet writing and reading time!), I bravely said, "I think you should go. I don't want to deprive the boys of this chance."

My spouse (clueing in) "Do you want your Mother's Day present to be a week end by yourself?"

Me shaking my head and stammering and not quite keeping a straight face, "I'll miss you."

So they went. And I have missed them. I've also slept more than 8 hours each night, done a considerable amount of cleaning, read a book, watched stuff on Netflix, had dinner with a friend and taken the dog for a run. I still have time to catch up on some writing, make soup, take the dog out again and do most of the laundry. I'll be starting the week of with far less stress than I often do.

My boys had a lot of fun this week end doing things I wouldn't have particularly cared to do (even Grandma went to see Thor last night). I felt a pang of guilt when they left but I quickly let that go. It sounds like they've had a great time. And soon enough they will be home and I will once again embrace the chaos of my family.

Happy Mothers' Day!


Ana Marie said...

haha! enjoy your self time!

Finola said...

That sounds like a perfect weekend. Happy Mother's Day!!

Nili said...

We should all have weekends to ourselves more often. Sounds perfect.

Lene Andersen said...

sounds blissful...

Mom2Amara said...

I'm glad you chose some "me" time for Mother's Day. You can always enjoy some family time another day and have a pseudo-Mother's Day then! Hope it was all you had hoped for!

Mom2Amara said...
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Eileen said...

This was the first year I didn't see my son all Mother's Day Weekend. I also got a lot done, and had a relatively stress-free time. It's a mixed blessing, isn't it? I'm glad you were able to enjoy the positive side of the experience!!